Dansk Border & Fifeklub

Stiftet 2008

Enroloment to Danish Border and Fife Club's

14. Open Nordic Championship

Odense, 3. December 2022

Korup Skole, Præstevej 2, 5210 Odense NV, Danmark.

Enrolment on Sunday, 20. November 2022 at the latest to:

E mail: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.
Bank: reg.nr.5389 account number: 0384443

IBAN:DK7453890000384443- BIC:ALBADKKK.

or at the delivery of birds at the exhibition.


If you wish to get an entry form in PDF format: get it here 


You can also fill in an electronic form, when the form has been you will automatically recive an e-mail with your enrolments.

Go to the enrolment page here.



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