Dansk Border & Fifeklub

Stiftet 2008

Application Key Border and Fife



Dansk Border og Fife Klub.

Application Key .

Flighted and unflighted Borders and Fifes divided into classes of buff and yellow can participate in the show.
Clear, green, cinnamon, blue, white and fawn color must be without any ticks.
Variegated divided into:

Variegated divided into:

Yellow variegated where yellow dominates more than 50%

Green variegated where green dominates more than 50%

Brown, blue, white and silver color with ticks despite tick size are variegated





Var. Clear/Buff


Green Var. Clear/Buff


Cinnamon Var. Clear/Buff

Key numbers Border.
  Border unflighted.


21. Clear yellow

22. Clear buff

23. Var yellow

24. Var. buff

25. Self green

26. Green buff

27. Green var. yellow

28. Green var. buff

29. Cinnamon self

30. Cinnamon buff

31. Cinnamon var. yellow

32. Cinnamon var. buff

33. White yellow/buff

34. White var yellow/buff

35. Blue/blue var. yellow

36. Blue/blue var. buff

37. Fawn/var. yellow

38. Fawn/var. buff

Key Numbers Fife.
  Fife unflighted.
  71. Clear yellow

72. Clear buff

73. Var yellow

74. Var. buff

75. Self green

76. Green buff

77. Green var. yellow

78. Green var. buff

79. Cinnamon self

80. Cinnamon buff

81. Cinnamon var. yellow

82. Cinnamon var. buff

83. White yellow/buff

84. White var yellow/buff

85. Blue/blue var. yellow

86. Blue/blue var. buff

87. Fawn/var. yellow

88. Fawn/var. buff


  Cinnamon Var. Clear/Buff


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